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Kijoma's Superfast Broadband - Staffordshire and Derbyshire
on: Wed 29 of Jan, 2014 [15:44 UTC]  (12982 reads)

NEW increased tariff limits!

Down speed
Up Speed
Monthly Usage Allowance
Price per month
Top Up *
Home Light
up to 40Mbps
up to 2Mbps
20 GB Peak time
£13.99 inc VAT
12 Months
£1.20 inc per GB
Home Standard
up to 40Mbps
up to 2Mbps
40 GB Peak time
£17.99 inc VAT
12 Months
£1.20 inc per GB
Business Standard
up to 40Mbps
up to 5Mbps
70 GB Peak Time
£22.98 ex VAT
12 Months
£2.40 inc per GB
Business Plus
up to 40Mbps
up to 10Mbps
120 GB Peak Time
£31.20 ex VAT
12 Months
£2.40 inc per GB
Broadband Extreme
up to 40Mbps
up to 20Mbps
200 GB Peak Time
£80.00 ex VAT
12 Months
£2.40 inc per GB
NOTE: An estimate of the actual transfer speeds you would be capable of will be provided upon enquiry. This would be followed by a measured speed at installation which will be displayed on your control panel.
Peak Time 08:00 to 23:00 - Tariffs are not metered during Off Peak hours
* Minimum Top Up value : £12.00 (inc VAT), top ups remain on your account until used up (usage above your tariff limit) and do not expire

New coverage in 2014
on: Wed 29 of Jan, 2014 [09:26 UTC]  (1786 reads)
Kijoma now provide a Superfast service to the Needwood area in Staffordshire. New customers are already connected and we are accepting further orders via our contact form for this area.

The coverage map will be updated soon.

The service for Hanbury has been available for some time and many people have already been connected. If you would like to be included then please register direct with us, as the more demand we receive will ensure you are placed as a higher priority on our scheduled installation list.

Kijoma also cover parts of Anslow. The plan for a local Relay in conjunction with the local council/businesses has failed to materialise due to lack of demand to warrant the investment required by Kijoma. However we are open to new enquiries as many properties will be able to receive a service without the need for a local Aerial Relay.
Update on new services and change of Installer information
on: Sun 10 of Nov, 2013 [12:30 UTC]  (7394 reads)
The planned expansion to cover more of Anslow Village via a new Relay at Anslow Park has been put on hold. We at Kijoma have sadly not received the support required to give us the confidence to invest in supplying our service there.

This does not affect those people who we can connect to our existing infrastructure and of course it has no effect on those already connected.

In other news, Kijoma has been forced to sever working relations with a supplier, Burton Aerials. This decision was reached after much deliberation due to the time and money we have invested in training and support. However despite their excellent field engineers, there were insurmountable difficulties within the management and administration of our account.

Ultimately it is Kijoma's highest responsibility to ensure our customers receive the best service and that our suppliers provide their services in an efficient, cost effective manner and to our specification.

Kijoma have new installation teams in training at present and new installations will resume once this is complete.

In the meantime Kijoma will be installing new customers during our visits to fit new infrastructure in Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

Additional Note : Please would existing customers use our main support number for any support or account queries.

New enquiries : Please use the "contact us" form on this site.

Thank you
Hanbury survey positive !
on: Fri 09 of Nov, 2012 [09:13 UTC]  (9050 reads)
We made a brief visit to Hanbury whilst completing our Anslow surveys and can confirm we can provide our Super Fast Service there. So, if you live or work in Hanbury, please click on "contact us", fill out the form and we'll do the rest.
Kijoma to take the SLOW out of Anslow
on: Fri 09 of Nov, 2012 [09:08 UTC]  (9001 reads)
Our survey visit to Anslow was a success and we are now putting together the infrastructure and installation plan for the area.

The first location expected to go 'Live' will be the Anslow Business Park and its surrounding properties.

Anslow Knocks Rosliston off the top of the list !
on: Tue 23 of Oct, 2012 [11:47 UTC]  (9161 reads)
A recent flood of demand in the Anslow area has pushed Rosliston off the top spot for registered demand.
This means our service will come to Anslow sooner, as it will be surveyed first.

Our next survey visit will be around the first week of November, so not long to wait.

Remember, if you need our service then please tell us via "Contact Us" (top left of the site)
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